takes privacy very seriously. This website will contain sensitive information as many users will disclose personal stories that are intended to be kept on this site. Please be mindful of this for the other users. However, users should be aware that since this is a public forum, information can be shared and we have no control over who shares this information.

Forums are not 100% protected. Thus, users should take notice when submitting personal information or other confidential information while participating on this site. My Campus Health will not be responsible for hacking attempts that can compromise our data.

The Privacy Agreement below discusses how data is collected once you enter this site. By becoming a member of My Campus Health you acknowledge that you are responsible to abide by the Privacy Agreement. If you disagree or choose not to abide by these terms, you will not be allowed to participate or create your own profile.

My Campus Health will also have the authority to edit the Privacy Agreement whenever we think additions need to be made. If you are a user of this website, we will try to notify you by email and also post an addendum to the Privacy Statement.


For your convenience, our site may utilize cookies to store your information. Primarily, cookies will be used in order to remember you password if you select the option to do so. If you would like to manage the cookies, you can change the settings in order to remove the cookies on your browser. However, if you choose to remove the cookies, some functions may not operate correctly, and you will not be able to store your password for login purposes.

Additional Information

My Campus Health may acquire non-identifiable information which includes IP addresses, and data such as browser type. This information will be used in order to track site analytics and to better our website. User IP addresses may be recorded to ensure the security of this site.

Sharing Information

As said previously, My Campus Health will not disclose personal information and private messaging to third party websites unless we deem it imperative. The following are reasons that may require us to do so: (a) To stress Terms of Service agreement (b) to ensure the safety of the users and other members (c) If a subpoena, search warrant, or other legal concerns are brought to our attention. We have the right to share this information if needed.

Interpersonal Messaging

As a feature of this site, users will have the opportunity to send private messages to other members. Please be mindful to follow the “Posting Guidelines.” If a user feels that a member violated the guidelines. We reserve the right to look into this inquiry. If we determine that you have violated these guidelines, you may lose privileges or be permanently removed from the site.